I love Halloween! It’s not because I’m a fan of scary movies (I don’t have time to watch a scary movie and then a light-hearted comedy in order to go to sleep) and I hate candy corn (it’s gross and I’m pretty sure is borderline poison.) I love Halloween because kids in costumes are the cutest thing in the world. I enjoy handing out candy to tiny little princesses and pirates more than I ever liked trick or treating myself.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite baby Halloween costumes from Amazon for you to scroll through and gush over with me.



I always thought my baby looked a little bit like a monkey, especially as a newborn, so he would look perfect in a monkey costume. This costume is also perfect if you live where Halloween nights can get chilly, it doubles as an adorable costume and outerwear to keep your baby warm.




Celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the moon landing by putting your baby in this astronaut costume. It’s even got snaps for easy diaper access. I guarantee Neil Armstrong was never this cute in his astronaut get up.




Unicorns are everywhere. So dress up your little trendsetter in this adorable unicorn costume with a magical silver horn. The costume also comes with a matching long sleeve shirt and tights that allows you to decide how warm your baby needs to be dressed.


Garden Gnome


I’m barely keeping it together looking at this costume. The beard, the hat, the eyebrows! I didn’t know a garden gnome could be so cute, but it’s one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen. It also comes with those cute little booties to complete the costume.




If you want to go the traditional route of putting your little pumpkin in a pumpkin outfit, this one works great! The little pumpkin hat with a stem is the cutest accessory, even if your baby only lets it stay on long enough for you to get one picture.


Pea In The Pod


This pea in a pod costume is perfect for your newborn that still just wants to be swaddled up and carried everywhere. This will keep your little bundle warm and snug while taking older siblings trick or treating.


Marshmallow Man


If you’re looking for a family costume theme, you can’t go wrong with Ghostbusters! Dress up your baby as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (if your baby is chunky they probably already have the adorable arm and leg rolls) and have everyone else dress as Ghostbusters.




Stay hands-free this Halloween by putting your baby in this classic skeleton costume made for your baby carrier. This costume comes with a skeleton body to attach to your baby carrier, a hat, and booties.


Incredibles Jack-Jack


Dress up your baby as everyone’s favorite baby superhero, Jack-Jack, from the Incredibles. It comes with the mask also to help hide your infant’s identity from super villians, but no cape for obvious reasons.




Maybe it’s the purple tentacles or maybe it’s the baby’s face in this picture, but I find this octopus costume irresistibly cute. You should also see how cute this costume is when your baby stands in it as well.



What will your baby be dressed up for this Halloween? Are you going to do themed family costumes or just let everybody do their own thing? Let me know in the comments and post a picture if you have one.

This post contains affiliate links so I might make some money if you click the link and it won’t charge you extra. However, all the opinions are my own. I just like telling you about products that I think are really different and cool.