There’s never enough time when you’re a mom. Between daycare pickup, grocery shopping, laundry and just hanging out with your kids, it’s almost impossible to get everything done.
Sometimes you only have five minutes to accomplish as much as you can. Next time you have a minute to spare, tackle one of these quick tasks and eventually you’ll get closer to that to-do list becoming an already did list.

Get Coffee Maker Ready For Tomorrow

Caffeine is the main energy source for moms and the ability to preprogram your coffee maker is a game changer. Prefill your coffee maker with a fresh filter, coffee grounds, and water. Then set the timer to start brewing a few minutes before your alarm in the morning. You’ll wake up to that sweet java smell and you’ll have to do is pour yourself a cup.

Wipe Down Your Counters

Between making meals, dirty dishes, and setting random objects on it, my kitchen counters get gross incredibly fast. Doing a quick decluttering and wipe down of the counters is a quick fix that makes my kitchen look a little cleaner and put together. Do this periodically wherever your family’s gunk tends to accumulate quickly.

Grocery Shop Online

Nothing makes me cringe harder than thinking about grocery shopping with a baby in tow. My saving grace has been grocery shopping online which thankfully is becoming popular in most popular grocery store chains. I put together my list for the week and fill up my virtual cart using the store’s website. Most stores then have an option for reserving a time to pick up your groceries or delivery to your house. This also keeps me from impulsively throwing cookies into my cart.
If you don’t live where you can online grocery shop, just creating a list for the week’s groceries before you can go shopping is also a timesaver. This way you can get in and get out without wandering the aisles aimlessly.
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Schedule Your Week

There’s nothing like filling out your calendar to put your week into perspective. It really allows you to figure out where you have a little extra time here and there to get things done. You can go the traditional route of a notebook weekly schedule. I prefer the calendar app on my phone that alerts me when I have an appointment coming up. Calendars can help you be a little more put together when you can see where your day is headed.

Take a Break

When you can’t even think straight anymore, take a load off and just lie down for while. A few minutes of quiet and some deep breathing can reset you. You’ll be more energized to tackle the rest of your day and you deserve it.